Sean's Story Testimonials

"I received the DVD Sean's Story: My Life Torn Apart by Firesetting in the mail yesterday, and it is wonderful! I am so appreciative...for what you are doing, and have been doing for many years, to help raise awareness to the growing issue of youth and fire play.

I have been using the DVD In An Instant: Fire Injury Prevention as part of my Youth Firesetting Intervention Program since it came available, and it has been a HUGE asset in my toolbox! This video has touched more lives, not only the kids that I work with but their parents and caregivers, than you can imagine.

I hope you will convey to everyone there that people like myself all over the United States are very thankful for their hard work and dedication in helping to prevent the devastation caused by fire play. The majority, if not all, fire departments have extremely tight budgets and are not able to afford to purchase DVD's of this quality, and even more amazing is the fact that you're even providing the materials to go along with it for free! I'm sure I wasn't the only educator doing the "happy dance"!"

- firefighter and public educator

"A great addition to the intervention world."

- psychologist

"It is an excellent piece of work and will be a valuable addition to our youth fire prevention resources. Thanks...for your wonderful work and dedication to preventing fires and burn injuries."

- fire inspector

"Very powerful."

- fire research expert

"This is outstanding work. It [video toolkit] held a lot of poignant moments and reached deep into many aspects of youth firesetting."

- community education coordinator

"It is really something special."

- psychologist

"Very powerful, very informative. The Sean's Story toolkit will help me alot as a police officer who works with youth."

- police officer

"A counselor in my school district and I feel that this video/toolkit along with collaborating with our local fire department, will be very useful in preventing and reducing the misuse of fire in our community."

- teacher

"The fact that it is a true story and incorporates many of the factors that prompt firesetting behavior, such as peer pressure and struggling in school is very beneficial."

- fire and life safety educator

"The video helps put a face to firesetting and tells a powerful story"

- firefighter

"I received a copy and am very happy to say that the film is of great quality and content. This will be very useful in our juvenile firesetter program. Thanks for the film and your interest in helping our youth."

- firefighter