Youth Collage

The Youth Collage can be used during youth prevention education or for firesetting intervention to augment the learning experience and assess new insight gained. Before class participants view the Sean's Story video, have them complete the Youth Collage either using their own fire incident (if applicable) or Sean's.

For Primary Prevention Education:

Option 1: Have youth write or draw a description of a time they misused fire (if applicable).

Option 2: Have youth complete this collage from Sean's point of view (i.e. using Sean's story of his fire misuse and arson event).

For Intervention and Secondary Prevention Education:

Have youth write or draw a description of the fire-related event that brought them to your program.

Youth Collage Materials

Sean's Youth Collage

Youth Collage Instructions

Youth Collage (blank) in 8.5 x 11 size

Youth Collage (blank) in 8.5 x 14 size

Now available: An editable version of the youth collage in an 8.5 x 11 size, youth collage in an 8.5 x 14 size, and collage instructions handouts are now available. To add your logo, click on the above links and download the .pdf forms to your computer. You can then use Adobe Acrobat to click on the white-dotted box in the handout banner and import your logo.