Youth Fire Misuse

What is Youth Fire Misuse?

"Youth fire misuse" is any behavior involving the improper or unapproved use of fire, including: juvenile firesetting, fire lighting, juvenile arson, youth firesetting, child arson, fire play, experimentation, playing with lighters or matches, and other fire-related incidents (e.g. fireworks, explosives or bottle bombs, pulling a false alarm, igniting aerosols or accelerants, observing others misusing fire, etc.).

Is Youth Fire Misuse a Problem?

Yes. Fire Is Everyone's Fight! Although frequently overlooked by society, youth fire misuse represents a significant problem for families, schools, fire departments, and communities. Fire misuse behaviors are associated with devastating costs, injuries, and life-changing consequences. Many people are not aware that these behaviors can also result in criminal charges, when in fact children under 18 years old account for nearly 50% of all arson arrests in the United States. (U.S. Department of Justice-FBI. Crime in the United States: Uniform Crime Reports 2000 - 2011.)



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