Educator's Guide

Using the Sean's Story Toolkit: Educator's Guide

Throughout the toolkit, "youth fire misuse" will be used to describe any behavior involving the improper or unapproved use of fire. While "Sean's Story" depicts a school arson incident, the video can be used to facilitate discussion regarding the numerous consequences that occur when youth misuse fire.

This video may be appropriate for youth 8 - 10 years and older, depending upon:  a state's age of culpability, each individual situation, and a child's developmental level (i.e. ability to understand the content). Before using this toolkit, instructors are encouraged to obtain training in youth education and firesetting intervention and/or partner with someone trained in these fields.

Refer to the Educator's Guide for example discussion questions. It is best practice to use open-ended questions (avoid ones with yes/no answers) to stimulate interactive discussion between educators, youth, and parents/caregivers. The example discussion questions listed in the Educator's Guide are not in a fixed order. Select ones appropriate for your audience and program length. Listen closely to audience responses to assess participant understanding. Clarify misconceptions or thinking errors youth or parents may express. Use your professional experience to add case examples and expand discussion questions.

Major themes and key points to reinforce throughout discussion include:

If you have suggestions for additional discussion questions, please email Karla Klas, BSN, RN, CCRP at

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